Blitz Report™ – World’s fastest reporting and data upload for Oracle EBS

Blitz Report is an Oracle Forms based software, fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite. It enables your IT team to easily store and edit SQL scripts for reports, and to make them available to your business users. Blitz Report runs as a concurrent process and generates output files in XLSX or text delimited CSV format. … Read more

How to Schedule a Report

To schedule a report to run at a designated time click on the “Schedule” button in the “Submit Request” screen when requesting the report. The “Schedule” screen will open giving you the option to run the job: As Soon as Possible – right away Once – You pick a date and time for the report … Read more

Reprint Function

Occasionally you may want to reprint a report that you recently requested. In the Navigator screen click on the “View” menu and select “Requests” to go to the “Requests” screen. NOTE: this process is only for reports that print through the Oracle print network. When the “Find Requests” screen opens click the “Find” button. In … Read more

How to Default Your Printer Name

In the Navigator screen double click on the “Other” menu option, and then on “Profile”. Under the “View / Query By Example” menu click on “Enter”. In the “Profile Name” field type “Prin%”. Under the “View / Query By Example” menu click on “Run”. Place the cursor in the first field in the “User Value” … Read more

Oracle Standard Reports

Report Name Description Purpose RIT Account Analysis – Subledger Detail of transactions by period, sorted by department or project then by object code. There is a page break after each department or project depending on the sort order. To provide additional information regarding revenue payments received and payments made to suppliers including supplier name and … Read more

Oracle FSG Reports

Report Name Description Purpose RIT– DEPT STATEMENT(USE FOR ALL RIT DEPARTMENTS WHEN PROJECT = 00000) Current fiscal YTD & PTD Permanent & Working Budget, Encumbrance and Actual totals for revenue and expense categories in RIT operating accounts (project = 00000). To give department managers a high-level view of their current YTD RIT operating account expenditures … Read more

Request a Standard Report RIT Account Analysis – Subledger

Directions: Request a Standard Report Objective:In this lesson you will learn how to create and run the “RIT Account Analysis – Subledger” report. NOTE: This report provides the transaction detail for all of the object codes listed on your department and project statements for a period. Use this report to reconcile your monthly transaction detail … Read more