View Journal Entry Details – Subledger Journal Entries

Journal batches generated from Accounts Payables or Procurement Services will have a source of “Payables”. Journal batches generated from Accounts Receivables will have a source of “Receivables” In order to view more information on Payables, Procurement Services, or Receivables batches you would click on the “Drilldown” button in the Journals window. Objective: At the end … Read more

Show Balances

The Show Balances feature displays the Period-To-Date (PTD) and Year-To-Date (YTD) balances for the account number and period range you just entered on the Account Inquiry screen. Objective:At the end of this lesson, you will be able to call up and view an actual account balance, select additional fields to view and print the screen … Read more

Perform an Account Inquiry

The account inquiry function permits you to call up and view actual, budget, and encumbrance account balances for any of your 24-digit accounts. Account balance information changes throughout the month and is available to you on-line as soon as transactions are posted to the general ledger. Objective: At the end of this lesson, you will … Read more

On Line Inquiry

On line Inquiry helps to View Actual and Budget Account Balances.Through Online Inquiry you can• Compute the Variance between Actual Budgeted Balance• Drill down to see Journal entries through the account balances• Drill down to see the Sub ledger transactions that comprise the Journals that comprise the Account Balances• View Journal and Sub ledger transaction … Read more

Run Standard Reports

To initiate Standard reports, follow the navigation path Report: Request: Standard. GL. System will require you to select a Single Request or a Request Set. Select the Single Request option Click on the OK button. This will take you to the Submit Request form. In the Name field select the Required Report from List of … Read more

Enter Budget

Navigate to Budgets > Enter > Amounts Following window shall appear Enter values in the fields:a. Budgetb. Budget Organizationc. Accounting Periods Fromd. Period Toe. Currency 3. Click any field under Accounts area and the following window shall appear: 4. Enter the desired account range Click OKAll the accounts in the specified range will be listed … Read more

Define Budget

Navigate to Budgets > Define > Budget Following window shall appear Enter values in the fields:a. Budgetb. Statusc. Created Date (fills automatically)d. First budget periode. Last budget period

Define Budget Organization

2. Navigate to Budgets > Define > Organizations Following window shall appear 3. Enter Budget Organization Name 4. Click on Display Sequence field and a new window shall appear: Give the Sequence numbers:a. Company = 1b. Department= 2c. Natural Account = 3d. Future1 = 4 Click OK Click on Ranges button to assign account range(s) … Read more

Enter Foreign Currency Journal

Navigate to the Enter Journals window. Enter batch information. Enter your journal information, specifying the foreign currency. Enter the journal currency conversation information. The user will select the type “user”. The system allows entering the conversion rate in the Rate field the system will convert the foreign currency into Pak rupee based on the conversion … Read more