Journal Import

Journal import function is used to transfer data from other applications of E-Business Suite (like AP, AR, Assets etc.) and/or from legacy systems (Payroll, PMS, Water Billing etc.). Navigate to Journals > Import > Run Following window shall appear Choose the source from where data is to be imported. Press ctrl+l to display the LOV … Read more

Types of Recurring Journal

There are three types of Recurring Journals:1.4.1 Skeleton recurring Journals1.4.2 Standard Recurring Journals1.4.3 Formula Recurring Journals Skeleton Recurring Journal Skeleton Journal is used when the Dr. /Cr account codes remain the same whereas the amount is not fixed. Therefore the user will only define the account code as follows:The user will give the line number … Read more

Recurring Journals

Journal: Define: Recurring Navigate to the ‘Define Recurring Journal Formula’ screen through pathJournal: Define: Recurring Double Click to open the following window. Enter a name and optional description for the recurring journal. If you want to copy entries from an existing recurring journal batch to your new batch, choose Auto Copy Batch. If you chose … Read more

Reversal Journals

If the Journal is wrongly posted or any provisional journal is posted in one period for generating monthly accounts, it is important to know that it cannot be deleted; however, any such journal can only be reversed through Reverse Journal. SummaryReversing Journal is a four step Process: Find the Journal through find Journal screen Enter: … Read more

Enter and Process Journal Vouchers

Journal entries are accounting transactions. They can be manually entered; or they can come from sub-ledgers such as Payables, Purchasing, and Receivables etc. Journal entries have no effect on account balances until they are posted. Once journal entries are posted, the account balances are updated and you cannot “undo” them—you can only reverse them. You … Read more