Legal Entity Setup

Junrisdiction Define Registration Code for Jurisdiction in Lookups menu of Legal Entity Administrator Responsibility: Define a new Jurisdiction for Legal Entity set up in Legal Entity Manager or Legal Entity Administrator responsibility. Choose Jurisdiction sub-tab To include Pakistan in the Territory field on Create Legal Entity page set Default Country profile to Pakistan as shown … Read more

Assign Values to value sets

Navigation Path: General LedgerSetup→Financials→Flexfield→Key→Value Find your vale sets in value set windows Then create your Company, Departments, and Natural Accounts etc. one by one.• UCP Company • UCP Departments When you close your form following message will be appear Press OK button • UCP Natural Account After save following message will be appearing: Click OK … Read more

Assign Segment to Key flexfield segment

Navigation Path: General Ledger→Setup→Financials→Flexfield→Key→SegmentFind Application General Ledger with title of Accounting FlexfieldThen find your Key Flexfiel Segment i.e. UCP COAView your key flexfield Click to segment right bottom of formCreate your all segmentsUCP Company Segment 1UCP Department Segment 2UCP Natural Account Segment 3UCP Future1 Segment 4 Save your work.Then assign the flexfield qualifier to your … Read more

Create Key Flexfield Segments

Navigation Path: General Ledger→Setup→Financials→Flexfield→Key→Segment Open this Window Find Application General Ledger with title of Accounting FlexfieldThen create new Structure of Segment i.e. UCP CO Save. Create Value sets Navigation Path: General Ledger→Setup→Financials→Flexfield→Key→Validation→Set Create a Company (UCP Company) Create Department (UCP Department) Create Natural Account (UCP Natural Account) Create a Reserve/ Future1 (UCP Future1)

Implement of 4C

• Currency• Chart of Account (COA)• Calendar How to create Currency Navigation Path: General Ledger→Setup→Currencies→DefineThis form will open now enter your currency nameCode: UCP PKRName: UCP Pakistan RupeeNote: Name of currency should be unique make your own currency How to create calendar: First step: create your period typeE.g. make fiscal or create simple calendar if … Read more

Create New Responsibility

Responsibility: System Administrator If not currently logged in, log in to Oracle Applications with your user. (N) Security → Responsibility → Define. Create New Responsibility (Enter Responsibility Name)Chose Application (General Ledger)Responsibility Key (same as Responsibility Name)Select Data Group (Standard)Chose General Ledger ApplicationChose Menu (GL_SUPERUSER) After that this responsibility assign to user(N) Security → User → … Read more

Defining new user

Click to Define → Enter User NameEnter Password → Re-enter password Chose System Administrator responsibility → in Responsibility tab → with System Administration ApplicationSaveExit Oracle ApplicationsLog out from the Personal Home page

Logging In to Oracle Applications

The first step in starting Oracle Applications is to enter the appropriate URL for your site in an Oracle Applications certified browser. After starting Oracle Applications, the first window you see is the login window. You need an Oracle Applications username and password to log in to Oracle Applications. It is different from the username … Read more