Enter and Process Journal Vouchers

Journal entries are accounting transactions. They can be manually entered; or they can come from sub-ledgers such as Payables, Purchasing, and Receivables etc. Journal entries have no effect on account balances until they are posted. Once journal entries are posted, the account balances are updated and you cannot “undo” them—you can only reverse them. You can also use journal entries to transfer balances between accounts.
Journal Category Journal Category describes the Type of journal entry such as Accrual, Adjustment, Other etc. General Ledger has default journal categories. However for
GATML it is recommended to use Adjustment and Other as Journal Category for making entries in to General Ledger. Adjustment Journal Voucher should be used for making adjusting entries in to GL whereas Other Journal should be used for making other manual entries in to General Ledger.
Journal Source The journal source is set to Manual and cannot be updated—this is how the system identifies manual journal entries.

Entering Journal Voucher is a Five Step Process

  1. Use the following Navigation Path to go to Find Journal screen Journal: Enter
  2. Click on ‘New Journal’ Button to go to the Journal screen.
  3. In the Journal Screen enter the journal name, category, description (optional), and control total (also optional).
  4. Enter line number, account code, debit or credit amount, and an optional description. After the first line, the line numbers will fill in automatically
  5. Click on Post Button to Post the Voucher

A typical navigation menu for a General Ledger would be as follows:

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  1. Double-click on the menu Journals
  2. Click on Enter
  3. Click on Open button to navigate to the Find Journals screen
  4. If you want to enter journals in batches then click on New Batch button (see
  5. Enter Journal in Batch), otherwise click on New Journal button (see Enter
  6. Journals)
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Enter Journal in Batch

  1. Enter the batch name in the Batch field
  2. Period will default to the current period (however the user can change it to any open period).
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Then click on the Journals button and see Enter Journals for entering journals

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Enter Journals

  1. In the Journal field, enter a unique Journal Name. If you do not enter a journal name, General Ledger automatically assigns a name using the following format: Source Journal ID Date.
  2. Period will default to the period related to the batch level.
  3. Effective Date will be default (however the user can change it)
  4. Category field select the Journal Category from List of Values. If it’s an adjustment Voucher select Adjustment otherwise select Others as Category
  5. In the Description field give a brief description of the Journal. This is an optional field. General Ledger uses this as the default description for each journal entry line. You can change the journal entry description as necessary.
  6. Balance Type is a display – only field. It displays Actual when you are entering actual journals and Budget when you are entering budget journals.
  7. In Document Number field, system will automatically populate document number when journal will be saved depending upon the document sequence assigned to journal category.
  8. In the Currency field select currency from List of Values, if different from default currency
  9. Insert Line number, it can be 1 or 10
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10. In the Account column, select from the List of Values the account combination in which entry is to be made and then click on OK button or you can select Alias for entering account code combination.

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You can also use aliases to speed up data entry and click OK, the segment values would be filled in automatically based on alias definition:
In DFF field represented by [] on the screen enter any descriptive information required and setup related to this JV.

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11. Before proceeding save the entries. The System will assign the required document number (voucher #) to the journal.

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  1. Click on the Approve button to send the Journal Batch to approver. System will prompt a message.
  2. A notification will be sent to approver. The approver has the authority to Approve, Reject or even request information from the creator of Journal Batch.
  3. Once approved, notification will be sent back to creator of Journal Batch. He will then select the approved journal in system and click on Post button to post the entry. A journal can also be posted from Post Journals window.

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