Enter Budget

  1. Navigate to Budgets > Enter > Amounts
Navigate to Budgets

Following window shall appear

Enter Budget Amounts
  1. Enter values in the fields:
    a. Budget
    b. Budget Organization
    c. Accounting Periods From
    d. Period To
    e. Currency
Enter Budget Amounts

3. Click any field under Accounts area and the following window shall appear:

Enter Budget Amounts

4. Enter the desired account range

Find Accounts
  1. Click OK
    All the accounts in the specified range will be listed with corresponding budget amounts, if any. You can enter or update amounts here each account for the periods defined in the Accounting Period range specified earlier.
Enter Budget Amounts
  1. Click Show Total to see a summation column at the end of the spreadsheet
Enter Budget Amounts

2. Click Post button to update budget account balances in the system.

Enter Budget Amounts

3. Click Yes to confirm.

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