How to Schedule a Report

  • To schedule a report to run at a designated time click on the “Schedule” button in the “Submit Request” screen when requesting the report.
Submit Request
  • The “Schedule” screen will open giving you the option to run the job:
    • As Soon as Possible – right away
    • Once – You pick a date and time for the report to run only once.
 “Schedule” screen
  • Periodically – Select a start and end date, how often you want the report rerun (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or once every minute), and if you want the report to start at the same time as the previous one or at the time the previous one ended. If your request contains date parameters, you can choose “Increment date parameters each run” to have the value for that parameter be adjusted to match the resubmission interval. For example, if the value for the parameter is 25-DEC-2007 07:00:00 and your interval is monthly, the parameter is adjusted to 25-JAN-2008 07:00:00 for the next submission.
“Schedule” screen
  • On Specific Days – You can pick multiple dates within a month or the same days every week for a designated time frame.
On Specific Days
  • You can use a schedule that already exists by clicking on the “Apply a Saved Schedule” button and picking from a list of values to use a pre-defined schedule.
Shedule screen

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