Implement of 4C

• Currency
• Chart of Account (COA)
• Calendar

How to create Currency

Navigation Path: General Ledger→Setup→Currencies→Define
This form will open now enter your currency name
Name: UCP Pakistan Rupee
Note: Name of currency should be unique make your own currency

Implement of 4C

How to create calendar:

First step: create your period type
E.g. make fiscal or create simple calendar if you chose fiscal then your financial year should be (01-Jul-13 to 30-Jun-14)
And if you chose only calendar then financial year should be (01-jan-13 to 31-dec-13)
Navigation Path: General Ledger→Setup→Financials→Calendars→Types
Enter following information:
Periods Type: UCP 13 Period
Periods per Year: 13 or 14
Year Type: Fiscal or Calendar its student chose

Implement of 4C

Note: It’s not mandatory that you have to create your period type of 14 period you can make 14 or 13 period in one year

How to create accounting calendar

Path: General Ledger→Setup→Financials→Calendars→Accounting
Enter following information:
Calendar: UCP GL Calendar
Description: additional information which you can enter for reference
Note: in type tab student will enter its Period Type which he defined above lab

Implement of 4C

Note: adjusting period is period where you enter your adjusting entries at the year end and make sure that month starting date and ending date must be correct otherwise calendar will not save e.g.

From : 01-Jul-2007 to 31-Jul-07 if you enter from: 01-Jul-2007 to 30-Jul-2007 calendar will not save

When you save following message will pop-up when this message come student will click on “Current”


When this message will come just click on ‘’OK”


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