Recurring Journals

Journal: Define: Recurring

  1. Navigate to the ‘Define Recurring Journal Formula’ screen through path
    Journal: Define: Recurring
Journal: Define: Recurring

Double Click to open the following window.

Journal: Define: Recurring
  1. Enter a name and optional description for the recurring journal.
  2. If you want to copy entries from an existing recurring journal batch to your new batch, choose Auto Copy Batch.
  3. If you chose a single ledger recurring batch type, enter the name of the ledger. For a multiple ledger batch type, the Ledger field is disabled.
  4. Enter name of Journal.
  5. Enter the category of JV.
  6. Select Currency PKR.
  7. Click on Lines.
  8. You are now in Journal Entry Line window.
Journal: Define: Recurring
  1. Enter a line number (e.g., 10) to set the order of your recurring journal entry lines.
  2. Enter the account you want General Ledger to update when you generate and post your recurring journals.
  3. Enter an optional line description for the recurring entry line.
  4. Enter a formula for the line.
  5. Enter the remaining lines for the recurring journal entry by pressing down arrow key.
  6. Save your work.

Generating Recurring Journal Batches

  1. Navigate to the Generate Recurring Journals window using navigation path: Journals: Generate: Recurring
Journal: Define: Recurring
  1. Select the recurring batches you want to generate.
  2. Enter the accounting Period for which you want to create an un-posted journal batch.
  3. (Optional) choose the recurring journal button to review the batch.
  4. You can generate your recurring journal batches from this window.
  5. Choose Generate, General Ledger submits a concurrent process to create un-posted journal batches based on the selected recurring journal batches. Note the Request ID assigned to the concurrent process. General Ledger names the resulting journal batch as follows: :< Date>.
  6. If you generate skeleton journal entries, use the Enter Journal window to complete the journal information.
  7. Review your generated journals.
  8. Post the generated recurring journal batches to update account balances.

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