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Request a Standard Report RIT Account Analysis – Subledger

Directions: Request a Standard Report

In this lesson you will learn how to create and run the “RIT Account Analysis – Subledger” report.

NOTE: This report provides the transaction detail for all of the object codes listed on your department and project statements for a period. Use this report to reconcile your monthly transaction detail and use the information as supporting documentation for all manual journal entries.

NOTE 1: By entering values 00 – ZZ for the ENTITY, OBJECT, and EXPENSE CATEGORY, you are able to check to see if a transaction was posted to an incorrect combination. This creates a more efficient reconciliation.

NOTE 2: This report will only provide summary information for payroll expenses. Detail is available by running the “Payroll Distribution Report”. This report is only available to users who have a responsibility RIT – GL – RPT, INQ & PRL. For more information on running Payroll Distribution Reports, contact the Payroll Office at ext. 5-5580 or 5-6984

NOTE 3: The PDF, HTML or Excel formats can be used to view and print this report.
The right one to choose depends on personal preference and reporting needs. PDF is the default format. If this is your choice then skip this step and submit your report.

Below is an excerpt from the report you just ran.

Below is an example of payroll entries (note the “Line Descr/Commitment” column)

Summary of Steps to Request and Print the RIT Account Analysis – Subledger

  1. In the Navigator screen, make sure “Reports” is highlighted. Click once on “Open”. This will bring up the “Submit a New Request” screen.
  2. Press the “OK” button to request a single request and open the “Submit Request” screen.
  3. Click once on the LOV field to the right of the “Name” field. The Reports screen appears.
  4. Click once on your selection, choosing one of the reports in the list of values.

RIT Account Analysis – Subledger

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