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Request a Standard Report RIT Encumbrance Detail Report (XML)

In this lesson you will learn how to create and run the “RIT Encumbrance Detail Report. Use this report to reconcile your open purchase orders monthly.

NOTE: You must reconcile all open Purchase Orders on a monthly basis.

NOTE 1: You must enter account information otherwise you will receive an open PO report for the entire Institute.

NOTE 2: Since Procurement Services and Account Payables enter and pay Purchase Orders on a daily basis, do not enter Encumbrance Date information. The purpose of the RIT Encumbrance Detail Report is to allow you to view the most recent Purchase Order information.

NOTE: There are two other versions of this report available to you: (1) The “Encumbrance Detail Report” shows the P.O.# and encumbrance information but does not provide the name of the vendor, (2) “RIT Encumbrance Detail Report” is the same report as the “XML” version but the default output is PDF.

Summary of Steps to Request and Print the RIT Encumbrance Detail Report (XML)

  1. In the Navigator screen, make sure “Reports” is highlighted. Click once on “Open”. This will bring up the “Submit a New Request” screen.
  2. Press the “OK” button to request a single request and open the “Submit Request” screen.
  3. Click once on the LOV field to the right of the “Name” field. The Reports screen appears.
  4. Click once on your selection, “RIT Encumbrance Detail Report (XML)”
  5. In the “Parameters” window, enter the account parameters using the “Chart of Accounts” located in the “Accounts From” and “To” fields **Do not enter any other parameter information.
  6. Click on OK to submit the report for printing
  7. Click once on “View Output” once the report has generated.
  8. Print and/ or save the file.


Choose either the “Encumbrance Detail Report” or the “RIT Encumbrance Detail Report” to print directly through the Oracle print network

This ends the practice exercises. You have covered all of the available options when using Oracle Financial Applications to make an account inquiry and to request and print department or project statements and selected standard reports. If you have any questions, ask the instructor now.

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