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Request an FSG Report using the Run Financial Statement Generator program

Another option available to you is to run your report using the function.

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to request and print a department statement using the program “Run Financial Statement Generator.

Directions: Request an FSG Report

NOTE: Since NTID has a different fiscal year and budget organization than RIT, NTID departments use a different monthly statement. It is called the “NTID–Dept Stmt”. NTID employees would select this report from the list rather than “RIT–Dept Statement”. The following steps are the same regardless of the report selected.

NOTE: If you want to request department statements for all departments within your responsibility, tab past the “Segment Override” field. Security rules will allow you to run department statements for only those departments that you are authorized to access.

You have now learned how to request a FSG report such as your Department Statement. In the next lesson you will learn how to print your report to your Oracle networked printer.

Summary of Steps to Request an FSG Report using the Program Run Financial Statement Generator Program

  1. When the Submit Request screen opens the “Single Request” option will be automatically selected. Click the “OK” button.
  2. The Submit Request screen will open. Click on the LOV field located to the right of the “Name” field. The Report screen comes into view.
  3. Select the “Program – Run Financial Statement Generator” from the list of values.
  4. Click on the “OK” button. The Parameters screen will appear.
  5. Press the Tab key once to get to the “Report” field.
  6. With your cursor blinking in the “Report” field, click on the LOV field located to the right of the “Report” field. The Reports screen will appear.
  7. Type “RIT-%” in the “Find” field and click on the “Find” button.
  8. The Parameters screen will reappear, with the “Period” field highlighted.
  9. The system automatically defaults to the current accounting period. If you would like to view your department statement for a different period:
    • Making sure the “Period” field is highlighted, click on the LOV field to the right of the “Period” field.
    • A Period screen will appear. Scroll down to view the desired period. Click on your selection.
    • Click on the “OK” button to return to the Parameters screen.
  10. Press the Tab key until the Chart of Accounts screen appears. Enter the department number in the “DEPARTMENT” field for the statement you wish to view using a project of “00000”.
    • To request statements for a range of departments, tab past the “Segment Override” field.
  11. Click on the “OK” button. This returns you to the Parameters screen.
  12. Click on the “OK” button.
  13. You will return to the Submit Request screen.

Quick Review

You have just learned how to request a department statement for one department or a range of departments. You are now ready to print this statement on a networked printer.

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