Oracle EBS Financials

Reversal Journals

If the Journal is wrongly posted or any provisional journal is posted in one period for generating monthly accounts, it is important to know that it cannot be deleted; however, any such journal can only be reversed through Reverse Journal.

Reversing Journal is a four step Process:

  1. Find the Journal through find Journal screen Enter: Journal: Find Journal
  2. Click on Reverse Button to Reverse the Journal
  3. Choose period of reversal
  4. Find the Reversed Journal and click Post button to Post.
  1. Select Enter from Journals to view Find Journals Screen
  2. Find the required Journal using any of the search criteria shown in screenshot and click on Find button.

3. Select the Journal which is to be reversed and click on the Review Journals button and the following screen appears

  1. Enter the date and reversal period
  2. Click on Reverse button and the following screen appears
  1. Choose the period in which the reversal is to be posted.
    The system will give a message that a request has been processed for creating reversal journal along with the required ID.

Posting of Reversal Journal

  1. Open the Find Journal screen and find the Reversed Journal. General Ledger names the reversal batch as Reverses [Original Journal Entry Name] [Date] [Time].

Press OK and then Find

3. In the Status column it appears Un-posted. Take the cursor to the relevant line and click on the Review Journal / Review Batch button to review the journal entry of a complete batch.

4. Click on the Approve button to approve the Reversed Journal.

5. Press OK

6. Click on the Post button to post the Reversed Journal.

7. Press OK

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