Oracle EBS Financials

Run Standard Reports

To initiate Standard reports, follow the navigation path Report: Request: Standard. GL. System will require you to select a Single Request or a Request Set. Select the Single Request option

Run Standard Reports

Click on the OK button. This will take you to the Submit Request form.

  1. In the Name field select the Required Report from List of Values

2. In the Parameter field enter the required parameter related to the Report

Click OK.
Click Submit to submit the request.

Viewing the report
After click on Submit Request for Report Run. A dialog box appears with the concurrent request ID and asks the question whether you want to submit another request. Click on the No button for this exercise.
Follow the path other >Requests to find the reports and Click the Find button.
Following screen will appear showing the status of reports:

After Status ‘Normal’ and Phase ‘Completed’, Select the report and click on View Output button.
Here you can view output of your report.

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